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Venom BlackBook Pro 16 (V45607) Dark Shadow Edition Image
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Venom BlackBook Pro 16 (V45607) Dark Shadow Edition


Intelligently Designed
At Venom, we believe there is always room for improvement. Which is why our production motto is: “…To be the best to market and not the first to market; to consciously design a computer which achieves purposeful outcomes.”

And that is why we are now introducing the 7th generation Venom BlackBook. A Pro, dedicated to people who continuously push boundaries, and who are masters of their craft. Intelligently designed, and masterfully constructed, for dependable, calibrated, mobile performance, in a 16" chassis.



Tuned high performance
Once you are exposed to something that is undeniably better, it becomes apparent that anything less is unquestionably unacceptable. When it’s serious, details matter. The BlackBook Pro 16 was created for people who push boundaries just a little more each time, and require high performance, on demand. Every. Single. Time.

Designed for translating speed into success, in the most intelligent way possible, within a 16" chassis.

The BlackBook Pro 16 is Venom's 7th Generation, award-winning, BlackBook



“A finely calibrated balance between portability and maximum power”
We were the first to coin the concept of a MuscleBook, back in 2015, with our 3rd generation award-winning Venom BlackBook 15 and 17. The Venom BlackBook Pro 16 (Gen 7) has again evolved. A highly calibrated balance between ultra-high end performance, typically reserved for desktop computers, and an ultra-thin, light, notebook computer, called the UltraBook. This new class of notebook embodies the vision of what we at Venom refer to as a MuscleBook. Now available in 15", 16", and 17" – we introduce you to the BlackBook Pro 16.


15.6" OLED 4K Venom Vision Display
The Venom Vision 15.6" OLED UHD display offers 4x higher resolution than FHD, with 3840 x 2160 pixels (8,294,400 pixels) and superior rapid responsiveness, coupled with Next Generation Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics.



Edge to edge bezels, with 100% Colour Gamut
120,000 to 1 contrast ratio. True black exposure ensuring backgrounds, text and colour, stand out, without being washed away.



Constructed for Reliable 16" Mobile Performance
The BlackBook Pro 16 is the next step up in performance, from the BlackBook Pro 15. While still requiring high mobility, it’s ideal for high-skill orientated creators, as well as for gaming. People who need that extra edge and desktop power, on the go. Achieve what others label as ‘undoable.’ Magnificent high performance which has been refined; dedicated to skill and mobility.



Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Ready
The BlackBook Pro 16 is Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR) and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) Ready, meaning it is capable of immersive gaming with richly detailed, three-dimensional graphics, comfortable gear, and natural movements, as well as being Windows Mixed Reality ready, providing holographic and mixed reality experiences, with a compatible head-mounted display. As a comparison to the previous generation Venom BlackBook Pro 15, it has 40% better EFps (effective frames per second) performance with GTA V, Overwatch, PUBG and Fortnite.


Aerospace Inspired Graphics
The max q condition is the point when an aerospace vehicle’s atmospheric flight reaches maximum dynamic pressure. The perfect trifecta: lean, high performing, and cooling, with optimal thermal and electrical design. The BlackBook Pro has been built around this graphics card and infused in an aluminium composite metal chassis, and outer casing, finished in aerospace carbon black.



nVidia RTX Graphics – For when your life can imitate art
Render images, seamless playback, graphic design, CAD/CAM engineer and game like no other. Incredible power capacity, on the go, with you. Real time ray tracking and AI. Mobility of the worlds thinnest and lightest designs, with quiet performance. NVIDIA Turing architecture within the RTX platform, provides the fastest and most realistic experience, brought to life by real-time ray tracing and AI.



Intel Mobile Core i7 as standard – Creation Workloads, for the Creative Within You
Multitasking, media editing, creation tasks, high end gaming and similar demanding workloads for the creationist within. Modern Software, which can leverage as many cores as it can get, such as Adobe Suites, where background tasks will run simultaneously. Turbo Boost will provide higher clock speeds, managed via Venom's stealth cooling system, boosting speeds as required. Intel Hyper Threading, uses multithreading to enhance an applications ability to access more threads on a single core, allowing for multiple processes to be run on multiple cores. Web surfing, video and images can load simultaneously.



Create Better
Applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Maya, DaVinci Resolve, OTOY Octane Render, Reality Capture, and Redshift will benefit greatly on the BlackBook Pro 16.


Optimum Design – Intelligent Performance™
The latest generation ultra-quick Intel i7 processor is standard across the range of BlackBook Pro 16’s as is the NVidia RTX 3060 graphic card. A superb array of connections, brilliant SoundBlaster Atlas audio, large, lightning-fast, Dual Drive, flash storage, massive level of high-speed memory, for smooth multitasking. Next generation fingerprint security and design, and customisable backlit keys, in a full-sized keyboard with a smooth agile touchpad, for people who work as fast as they can think. The perfect calibration, and combination processor, graphics, storage, and memory, all unified in one, stealth aerospace, cool black alloy casing.


Up to 8TB of SSD Storage – Dependable Speed and Access your Data with Ease
Utilising the fastest commercially available SSD known to man, take all your data with you, wherever you go. The largest available storage capacity of any notebook, as well as the fastest. Multiple options ensure you can now have all your photos, videos, spreadsheets, data files, completed work and work-in-progress, available, on demand, at ultrafast speeds. Professional applications will launch in an instant, and massive files will be at your fingertips, without relying on cloud storage.



Dual drive design – Safe data storage
Not only does the BlackBook Pro 16 come with the fastest, most reliable SSD, the Pro 16 can be configured to have two drives. You can keep your applications and programs on one drive and documents and media on another. Safe, independently upgradable, with two separate physical drives. Data loss or recovery on one drive, means the other drive is out of harm's way.


Take the Cloud With you
All this ultrafast, massive storage space, up to 8TB at 3500 MBps (3.5GB/s), means you can take your entire library of photos, videos and music with you, without relying on the cloud.



Boundaries are for breaking
With up to 10 hours of battery in an immensely powerful and portable machine, your office can be wherever you want it. The Blackbook Pro 16 is the most energy efficient and powerful notebook computer we have ever made.



Extended Wi-Fi – Dense Connections
Shared Wi-Fi hot spots can now support dense connections. Be with the people you want to work with. 3x higher peak data rates and up to 4x capacity. Dense connectivity support. The Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (Gig+) adapter is a module that supports the new IEEE 802.11ax standard – Wi-Fi 6 technology and is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™, supporting 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 technology, including new features such as UL and DL OFDMA and 1024QAM, delivering data rates of up to 2.4Gbps5. Bluetooth® 5.1 support. These new features deliver a significant improvement in user experience, within dense deployments, supporting fast uploads and downloads, lower latency and longer battery life, compared to solutions supporting 802.11ac. Combined with Intel Core processors and exceptional Intel wireless innovations, the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 module can provide Gigabit wireless speed5 and dramatically improve your connected experience at home, work, or on the go.


SoundBlaster Atlas – Enhanced Audio, fine-tuned, perfectly calibrated
With over 30 years of audio heritage, tuned with Creative's Sound Blaster high-definition audio, and coupled with the biggest speakers ever put in a Venom BlackBook, you’ll experience accurate, authentic, true-to-life, sound. Audio which delivers unmatched clarity.


To the Edge

The minimalist bezel, with its edge-to-edge screen, efficiently utilizes the optimum amount of space within the narrowest body width.



Up to 64 GB of DDR 4 high speed memory – Smooth, efficient multitasking for the Pro
RAM is the key element to how your computer functions. Edit billions of pixels, manage terabytes of databases, and hundreds of audio files simultaneously. Run virtual machines, open those chrome tabs faster than you could have imagined, work on complex CAD designs, past limitations will fade away. Smooth empowering performance that unshackles the dreams of a Pro. The BlackBook Pro utilises the largest and fastest RAM available on the planet.



Multitasking Power
Up to 3200MHz of 64GB RAM means smooth performance. Load up your Chrome browser, open multiple tabs, run virtual machines and render 3D models like you only dreamed possible



Connect Everything – Freedom with legacy
Connect everything, together. Every professional knows the value of keeping previously run devices, and ideally linking them to current, and future units. This Musclebook helps you achieve this. Designed and built to support and house equipment and accessories you have already invested in, while future proofing your ability to interlink with concepts and devices still in design-stage.



Thunderbolt™ 3.0 PCIe x4
A true 'master' port. Connect to Thunderbolt devices, all displays, and billions of USB devices. Gain up to four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other connection. Quickly transfer data between computers and hard drives, daisy chain external devices, power up, connect to displays – with just one physical connection.


Glass touch pad, with an integrated secure fingerprint reader
The glass touch pad, a high performance, Ultra Smooth and responsive Pad, with Clear, ID secure, fingerprint authentication. The Clear ID fingerprint reader is a built in-display, SecurePad Gamma reader, which works under the Glass touchpad. This fingerprint reader operates in a similar fashion to your smartphone screen integrated fingerprint reader. A space saving feature enabling a larger, smoother, touchpad to cover a greater area ergonomically, under the space bar, on the palm rest.



Full Sized Keyboard – The Ultimate Pro
Built on Venom's BlackStrike heritage, the keyboard is still the most important input device for any computer. The most thought-out keyboard ever designed in a BlackBook is here. A full-sized keyboard with perfectly displaced keys.



Multi Zone, Single Lit Keys
Pinpoint accurate multi zone, single lit keys, multiple colour zones as well as singular dynamic key control which changes its colour for your own purpose and design. The BlackStrike LED Command centre controlled customisable keyboard control suite allows for all facets of customisable keys to be controlled. Each individual key is lit specifically to an endless array of colour choices. Programmable keys allow for animations and pre-programmed sequences and shows


Stealth Active Cooling – They Will Never Hear You Coming
Venom's Dual Fan Stealth Active cooling ensures all that high performance doesn't come with a tax. Translating speed into success is done intelligently with vapour chamber cooling modules that are both space-saving and thermally efficient. The vapour chambers are built with a series of small posts which keep the structure from collapsing under external atmospheric pressure. The module is in a hermetically sealed vacuum, attached to the heat pipes, to dissipate heat. Aerodynamically engineered Liquid Crystal Polymer fans allow for the fans to be quieter, thinner, more energy efficient, and most importantly, are air flowing fans, built with anti-vibrating bearings, to move heat away from critical components.



Stealth Mode – Fan Acoustic Control
Stealth Mode can be activated for dynamic thermal and acoustic control, optimising the CPU and GPU to use less power and limit the air flow acoustic volume. Meetings, sittings, and solo time can be stealth quiet at your control.



Independently User Controlled Performance and Thermal Settings
Control how much power you wish to consume, at what performance level, with full control over the active cooling fans.



External Recovery Drive
Restores factory settings and the factory image in under 10 minutes with the included external USB recovery drive. Have the freedom to upgrade, and the peace of mind knowing you can get yourself up and running when it suits you, as independently diagnose drives if you need to.


Fully loaded with only the Leanest and Meanest Software – No Bloatware
As with any Venom BlackBook, our factory image comes with fully licensed and usable software with no bloatware and all the right tools. Our Windows image is optimised for performance, and each pre-installed program has been carefully selected, customised, and installed, for the optimal user experience. You will not need to waste time installing software after you first turn on your device.



Multiple Monitors – Three Screens
Three screens – Supports 2x external monitors – Countless studies continue to show that dual monitor setups greatly improve computer usage efficiency. Dual monitors on your desk allow you to have critical information displayed on one screen for reference purposes, while utilising the second for your actual work. Have a PDF document or website open on one screen, and Microsoft Outlook or Word open on the other. The BlackBook Pro 16 will allow you to use two external monitors while still running the third screen on your BlackBook, natively. The BlackBook Pro 16 is designed to work for you, both in and out of your office, home study, or your temporary mobile office at your favourite cafe.



Strong Work Ethic, Judge a Book by Its Cover
A beautifully crafted, aerospace inspired, Stealth Black Alloy composite chassis, engineered for perfect balance between high performance, and intelligent mobility. Puristic design and performance.




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Processor:Intel Core i7-11800H Processor (up to 4.60GHz - 8 Core)
Case:Aluminium composite metal housing and casing, in aerospace stealth carbon black
Memory:32GB DDR4 High Performance (1 x 32GB)
High Speed Solid State Drive:2TB M.2 NVMe SSD (Up to 7000MB/s)
Storage 2:1TB M.2 NVMe SSD (Up to 3500MB/s)
Graphics Card:nVidia GeForce RTX 3060 6GB GDDR6 VRAM
Operating System:Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Screen:15.6" UHD 4K OLED (3840x2160) 100% Adobe RGB Venom Vision Display
Audio:High Definition Soundblaster Atlas Audio, built-in array microphone, S/PDIF digital output, built-in twin 2W speakers
Wireless Connectivity:Intel Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2x2 AX, Bluetooth 5.1
Built-In Devices:3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A, 1 powered USB port AC/DC), 1 x Thunderbolt 4 port, 1 x Mini Display port 1.4, 1 x HDMI output port (with HDCP), 1 x 2-in-1 Headphone/Microphone jack, 1 x 2-in-1 Microphone/S/PDIF jack, 1 x RJ-45 1Gbit LAN port, 1 x DC-in jack, MicroSD UHS II Card Reader
Webcam:HD Video Camera
Input Peripherals:Backlit touch-type multi-colour keyboard with numeric pad, Built-in touchpad
Cooling System:User-Definable Active Venom Stealth Vapour Cooling (AVSVC) with Active Noise Control
Power Supply:Full Range AC Adapter, AC in 100~240V, 50~60Hz, DC Output: 19.5V, 9.23A, 180W
Battery:Serviceable 3-cell polymer battery pack, 72.9WH - Up to 10 hours battery life
Dimensions:357(W) x 238(D) x 19.8(H) mm
Warranty:1 Year Parts & Labour