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Synology DiskStation DS214SE 2-Bay 3.5
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Synology DiskStation DS214SE 2-Bay 3.5" Diskless GbE NAS(HMB)


A Budget-Friendly, Personal Cloud

Synology® DiskStation DS214se is a budget-friendly two-bay NAS device with the capability to host, share and protect data. Optimized to be an excellent personal NAS server, the DS214se runs on Synology’s award-winning DiskStation Manager (DSM). Synology’s feature-rich Package Center helps beginners explore the infinite possibilities of Synology NAS.

  • Floating-Point Unit Enabled CPU Favors Multimedia Processing
  • 102 MB/s Reading, 58 MB/s Writing
  • DLNA®-Certified Media Server
  • 19W Low Power Consumption
  • Hassle-free System Installation
  • Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)

Choice NAS for Everyone


Centering on the core features of NAS devices, Synology DS214se provides handy and effective network storage under budget. Not only does DS214se centralize and back up your digital contents, it also makes cross-platform and cross-device sharing easy. The DS214se delivers an average of over 58 MB/sec writing speed under RAID 1 configuration in a Windows®environment, and over 102 MB/sec reading.1 The built-in floating-point unit enhances the overall capability of the main CPU, and is particularly advantageous in speeding up thumbnail processing, making photo viewing a refreshingly new experience. Equipped with Synology’s full multimedia applications, DS214se is also an ideal solution for users looking for entertainment and download center, providing easy and energy-efficient download service as well as multimedia streaming capabilities. With Synology’s rich cloud applications, DS214se serves as your personal cloud, making your content available anywhere, on demand.

Easy Setup and Management

Web Assistant is a web-based installation tool to make every DiskStation as easy to install as possible. Installation is done inside of your existing web browser, and it allows you to set up all vital system components in just a few simple steps. With the DSM quick start widget, users can tour the DSM operating system and set up use, simultaneously. The multi-tasking web UI on DSM allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously on one tab browser and switch between them instantly. Synology Hybrid RAID allows you to reach maximum use of your hard drive while keeping your storage safe with data redundancy.

When it comes to setting up the router configurations for access to the DS214se over the internet, the Synology EZ-Internet Wizard simplifies the process. The EZ-Internet Wizard walks you through all of the network settings including firewall, port-forwarding, PPPoE setup and DDNS registration.

24/7 Download Portal

Feed your data-appetite with Download Station, your 24/7 download portal. With its comprehensive built-in BT search engine, you can locate your desired files in just a few clicks. So turn off your PC and let your DS214se download all your content directly to your centralized storage. With DS download on iPhone® and Android, you can manage download tasks even while on the go.

Certified DLNA Media Server


As a fully certified DLNA DMS (Digital Media Server), DS214se serves as a ready media server, with the capability to host digital multimedia contents for remote playback. Once connected to a wireless router, DS214se is set to stream music, photos and videos to DLNA-compliant devices without any pre-configuration. This enables users to enjoy their collection on larger screens, or with higher quality speakers. Synology even makes it possible for users to browse and select DiskStation contents using DS audio - a handy mobile app - to designate a DLNA player within the same local network to play it.

Anywhere/Anytime Availability

QuickConnect and EZ-Internet help configure your DS214se for accessing over the Internet with minimal effort. Cloud Station allows users to sync files among multiple devices, including Windows PC, Mac®, Linux®, iOS and Android tablets or phones, effortlessly keeping everything up-to-date. Combined with Synology’s mobile apps for every popular feature, including DS photo+, DS audio, and DS video for multimedia access, DS download, DS file, and DS cloud for seamless file download/access/synchronization, DS cam for home security, you can enjoy your NAS anywhere, any time.

Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)


Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is the award winning web-based OS that comes with every Synology NAS. It is designed to make your everyday living easier.

The built-in Package Center allows you to download and install the packages designed specifically for your unique needs, whether it’s sharing files on the cloud, sharing photos on an online album, setting up a VPN environment or even an antivirus to protect your system. All will happen with just a few clicks.

The simple interface allows you to configure your storage capacity with minimal complexity. It provides you with complete control of your personal cloud and lets you access it anywhere. Synology DSM will help you maximize productivity and get more out of your digital assets, with minimal fuss.

Energy Efficient with Cool and Quiet Design

Synology DS214se is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Not only does it provide a larger fan and the smart airflow feature to keep the system running cool 24/7, its noise dampening design makes it really quiet compared to PC counterparts. The hard drive hibernation feature can further reduce power consumption and operation cost.

All Synology products are produced with RoHS compliant parts and packed with recyclable packing materials. Synology acknowledges the responsibility as a global citizen to continually work to reduce the environmental impact of every product produced.


Running on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)
Hassle-free System Installation
19W Low Power Consumption
DLNAŽ-Certified Media Server
102 MB/s Reading, 58 MB/s Writing
Floating-Point Unit Enabled CPU Favors Multimedia Processing