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Kworld Digital TV Tuner

KWorld exclusive and extremely intuitive software: TiVme

  • Consumes less RAM and CPU
  • Allows favorite channel listing
  • Allows 3x3/4x4/5x5 multi-channel preview in L or circular mode
  • Allows digital capture from both Program Stream (PS) and Transport Stream (TS)
  • Supports time-shifting, real-time and scheduled recording in mute mode
  • Enables DxVA (available with selected video card)
  • Supports live update for constant program update

    Supports digital DVB-T TV and HDTV
    KWorld USB DVB-T TV Stick II supports HDTV-quality. with this stick, you may enjoy your favorite programs in the highest video and audio quality provided by your local networks.

    Ideal gadget for digital TV on-the-go
    This USB DVB-T Stick II is the ideal gadget for digital TV on-the-go, especially for those who are constantly on the run. it also supports mobile reception* depending on location (distance from the TV transmitters).
    *Reception depending on signal provided by local networks.



Allows multi-channel or multi-program viewing from the same signal streaming
Supports scheduled recording
Supports free-to-air HDTV